16. mai 2024

Faroese as a second language course for adult newcomers 2024/2025


Are you a beginner in the Faroese language? Or do you understand some Faroese and wish to improve your language skills? Or were you enrolled in the Faroese language courses and want to continue your studies?

Regardless of what your needs are, or how long you have been in the Faroe Islands, you are welcome to sign up for the Faroese as a Second Language courses (FSA) that will be starting in august 2024. 

FSA for adults provides instruction in the Faroese language and knowledge about Faroese culture and society for adult newcomers who have another language than Faroese as their first language.


Time: The courses will be offered during daytime and evenings:

• Intensive day courses two to five days per week

• Regular evening courses* one to two days per week


Location: The courses will take place** in Tórshavn, Kambsdalur, Vágar and Suðuroy. Possibly also in other places depending on demand.


Price: The courses are free of charge. Course material is not included. 

You can apply here https://forms.office.com/e/Mddi34fv8D 

Application deadline: 15. June 2024


If you have any questions please contact fsa@uvs.fo 


* depending on the student´s school background

** if the classes reach the minimum quorum

24. juni 2024
Joan Kannuberg sett sum einalærari í Húsar/Syðradals skúla
05. juni 2024
Leys størv í fólkaskúlanum
30. mai 2024
Starv sum einalærari í Húsar/Syðradals skúla
23. mai 2024
Cecilia Nolsøe Sørensen sett sum fyrstilærari í Sumbiar skúla
Hagtøl og greiningar fyri skúlaverkið.
Lógir og kunngerðir innan skúlaøkið.
Oyðubløð til fólkaskúlar og miðnámsskúlar.